About OCG


OCG’s principals and senior consultants have been working together as a team since the early 1990s. Our core team came together as a group of senior independent consultants that were engaged on a leading-edge client/server development project at Weyerhaeuser Company. We quickly came to appreciate the highly effective symbiosis of our specialized skills – formalizing our relationship as a corporation in December 1996.

Throughout our history, OCG has maintained extraordinarily high standards for quality. The company has been on the crest of each new wave of technological change – cloud computing, SaaS technologies, agile development methods and architectures, web-based development, wireless technologies, and the original client/server revolution. OCG’s longevity is directly related to our high standards and open and honest communication with our clientele.


Our mission is to provide the best value to our clients by helping them to succeed in their endeavors. We believe that honesty, openness and integrity are the foundations of our success. OCG is committed to forming strong and lasting partnerships with our clients.

In all we do, we uphold our promise of experience, quality and integrity.

Management Team

David A. RubleSenior Partner

David Ruble is a senior-level Business and Systems Analyst, Designer, Project Manager and Requirements Facilitator, who is an expert in analysis, data modeling, user interface design and functional specification for large transaction-processing systems. His clients rely on him to rapidly assess needs and direct teams to successful solutions for projects that often span multiple years and contract renewals. He has significant experience implementing large systems for health care, payroll, order-to-cash, and transportation/logistics. David’s skill as a writer and graphic artist allow him to communicate complex topics and concepts in ways that help people make well-informed decisions. His book, Practical Analysis & Design for Client/Server & GUI Systems, has been used widely in colleges and universities throughout the US and abroad, including the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Richard D. StorySenior Partner

Richard is a senior project manager and software architect. He is the principal architect and development manager of Exact, an industry-leading cloud-based Guardian/Payee software service. His development background and years of experience designing large-scale transaction processing systems makes him uniquely qualified to software development, acquisition and configuration projects. Richard has a hands-on, in-depth knowledge of software development methods, tools and techniques in many environments, including .NET, Windows DNA, as well as client/server architectures. He is a superb data modeler, application architect and user interface designer. He has a rich background and industry knowledge in manufacturing, global order processing and billing and health care. Richard Story has been working with members of OCG on projects since the early 1990s and joined the OCG management in January 2006.

William E. (Bill) McNaughtonSenior Partner

Bill is a highly-respected manager and integrator. His effectiveness as manager of large development projects has earned him a reputation as a man who gets the job done. He has skillfully managed multi-million-dollar projects and staffs as large as 90 professionals. Bill has been responsible for delivering enterprise-wide business solutions in both manufacturing and service industries. He brings to Olympic Consulting Group over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, organizational evaluation, and process re-engineering. From 1988 to 1992, Bill was the Director of Financial and Local Billing Systems at Sprint. Prior to that, he was the Director of Financial Systems at GTE Communication Systems.

Matt RobicPartner

Matt is an IT professional with over twenty-five years of experience spanning multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, e-business and online advertising. Robic is an expert in agile methodology – managing, designing and delivering a SaaS product for a major client in the healthcare industry. He displays a thorough knowledge of the software delivery life cycle and is highly proficient in data analytics and information delivery. Matt has successfully managed technical delivery projects for clients involving multiple vendors. Matt’s "customer first" attitude assures that project deliverables always meet expectation.

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OCG is a joint-venture partner and the principal developer of Exact – a cloud-based Guardian/Payee Software Service for professional care managers, fiduciaries, guardians, money managers, and representative payees. With subscribers in over 21 states, Exact is rapidly becoming the industry benchmark for excellence.

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