OCG has expert level experience in the architecture, design, development and successful implementation of complex solutions using the Windows Azure cloud-based platform.

Multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) applications present unique challenges in the areas of data security, privacy and reliability that OCG has mastered and can help your organization do the same.


Using the Windows Azure cloud-based platform and a federated security model, OCG has built and implemented a multi-tenant application that is offered on a subscription basis (SaaS) to organizations that provide representative payee and guardianship services. The application’s functionality uniquely addresses the requirements to provide a secure solution for guiding vulnerable people’s affairs including bill payment, banking, budget management, calendaring, contacts management and reporting services. To learn more, visit:

The technology includes:

  • Microsoft Azure - cloud computing platform
  • Team Foundation Services – development platform
  • SQL Server
  • nHydrate - an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution

Entrofusion, Inc.

Olympic Consulting Group developed PHfusion as part owner and prime contractor for Entrofusion, Inc. PHfusion is the premier solution for event management for public health epidemiologists. PHfusion exceeded the functionality, usability and configurability of any other COTS application available on the market for Public Health Agencies. PHfusion is .NET-based application that improves health agencies' ability to identify and track emerging infectious diseases (including potential bioterrorism attacks), investigate outbreaks, and monitor disease trends.

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