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White Papers

How Perverted is Your Data?

David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – 2014

Just because one’s data is perverted doesn’t mean it’s dirty. The data may well be accurate and complete. It is, however, represented in such an unorthodox way as to be unintelligible without special knowledge. This paper defines how perverted data creeps into organizations, and why the high cost of the data’s anomalous proclivities hits us squarely in the pocketbook when we seek to integrate or replace these systems. Finally, we’ll discuss strategies for how to deal with it.

Effective Information-Gathering Techniques for Business Analysts

David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – 2003, 2014

A client with a freshly-minted new batch of Business Analysts asked me how the BAs could be more effective when interviewing members of the business community. The purpose of the request was aimed at improving analysts’ information gathering skills, and thereby improving the breadth and depth of discovery on projects, as well as making best use of the limited time that BAs actually get to spend with bona fide users. In this short paper, I cover general user interviewing techniques for BAs as well as delve into just one of the detailed software-engineering models that BAs should master to guide requirements-gathering.

Subtyping Best Practices - Tips and Traps for Data Modelers

Strengthen your data modeling skills and avoid some of the common abuses of subtyping.
David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – 2006, 2014

One of the most powerful techniques available for data modelers is the supertype/subtype relationship, yet is one of the more oft-abused practices. The purpose of this paper is to highlight several instances of improper use of subtyping, and to suggest alternate patterns that are more robust.

Use Cases that Work

Using Event Modeling to infuse rigor and discipline into Use Case Analysis
David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – 2003, 2014

Our experience with use case modeling has identified two major issues. The first is the difficulty in determining what constitutes a use case. The second is how best to document the details of a use case once you’ve got your hands on one. This paper shows how to use event modeling as the basis for creating and defining robust and consumable use cases.

Are you prepared for Globalization?

American Tech Workers must play a new role in the global economy
David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – February 2004

America’s role in the global economy has shifted. US technology professionals need to cultivate the ability to articulate requirements and design specifications for software that is increasingly likely to be built by others. Historically, the software industry has paid short shrift to analysis and design. In this paper, Olympic Consulting Group chief methodologist David Ruble explains why it is vitally important that our nation retains and invests in specific software engineering skills that will keep America competitive. Are you ready for your new role in the global economy?

Tough Medicine for the Dot-Com Culture

Conquering the Anarchy that plagued so many failed start-ups
David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – November 2000

If you believe that he who ignores history is doomed to repeat it, then this paper is a must-read for anyone who survived the dot-com roller coaster ride, or perhaps missed it. OCG chief methodologist, David A. Ruble, deconstructs some of the major problems that plagued so many start-ups of the new millennium, and offers some remedies to ensure this doesn't happen to you. Grab a can of Jolt cola and a slice of cold pizza and download this white paper.


From Use Case to UI Specification

Presentation to IIBA Seattle Chapter
David A. Ruble, OCG Senior Partner – October 2006

Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Use Cases

Presentation to IIBA Seattle Chapter
Meilir Page-Jones, President, Wayland Systems, Inc. – September 2006

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Practical Analysis & Design

Practical Analysis and Design for Client/Server and GUI Systems is essential reading for developers, analysts, project managers, senior IT executives, information architects and any software professional responsible for the success of a project. The techniques and core competencies presented are as relevant in today's environments as they were when it was written... ​

...a timeless classic

Practical Analysis and Design for Client/Server & GUI Systems
By: David Ruble
Foreward by: Ed Yourdon
1997 - 544 pages, now in soft cover
ISBN: 0-13-521758-X

Reader reviews: "I have read this book three times, and each I learn something new. It is nice to have a book that is independent of any development platform, and in PLAIN ENGLISH to boot. This book is more valuable than the course I had taken in college."

"It's the best book I've ever read about analysis and design techniques for building systems quickly and effectively . . . I've been studying this stuff for years, and Dave has written the clearest explanation of event modeling I've ever read."