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Olympic Consulting was founded in the 1990s by independent consultants engaged at Weyerhaeuser Company. Our years of service in that complex environment and ecosystem afforded us a depth of experience in the forest products business and its associated customers, vendors and suppliers.

OCG partners were pioneers in Weyerhaeuser’s global client/server and internet technology. We built and integrated applications which first moved them to client server and relational technologies, and then ultimately to web-based architectures and COTS solutions, including SAP, CommerceOne and Maximo.


Ecommerce:  OCG provided support of a Weyerhaeuser initiative to enable ECommerce purchasing transactions from both SAP and Maximo using Weyerhaeuser’s Integration Architecture (WIA) messaging capability. OCG performed the following activities and/or produced the following deliverables:
  • Define Requirements
  • Support implementation alternatives assessment
  • Develop the data requirements/data management standards necessary for achieving 'common' electronic purchasing transactions across the two source applications (i.e. SAP and Maximo), thus enabling shared interface processes as opposed to application specific interface processes.
  • Develop test plans and led testing efforts
SAP Material Master:  In support of a Weyerhaeuser initiative to achieve a standardized, structured, and shared SAP Material Master for Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO) materials and to convert/migrate legacy MRO catalogs into this structure on SAP, OCG performed the following activities and/or produced the following deliverables:
  • Supported the development of an MRO material cataloging nomenclature to be implemented using SAP's Class/Characteristic structures
  • Supported the effort to convert/migrate current SAP MRO materials to the new cataloging nomenclature
  • Supported the development of legacy catalog conversion processes, and provide lead support and quality assessment to off-shore partners who are converting/migrating legacy catalogs into the new cataloging nomenclature for mills being brought onto SAP
  • Worked with Weyerhaeuser’s MRO material suppliers to acquire material catalog content as an enrichment source for materials lacking in descriptive detail
Global Sales Order Fulfillment Systems:  As early pioneers in client/server technology, OCG principals and consultants analyzed, designed, developed and delivered a complete order fulfillment system which unified Weyerhaeuser with their remote sales offices in Japan, Europe, South America the United States. The system integrated manufacturing facilities throughout the US and Canada. Based on intimate experience with the system and replicated database environments, OCG was later engaged to migrate the system from an HP3000/HPAllbase platform to NT servers running Oracle. The business functions of this vast system include:
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Planning, Forecasting & Production Allocation Management
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Pricing & Contract Management
  • Ocean Voyage Booking
  • Off-site Inventory Management
  • Shipping
  • Truck & Rail Freight Management and Automated Carrier Payment
  • Electronic Ocean Freight Payment
  • Domestic Invoicing
  • Export Documentation
  • Electronic Customer Invoicing
  • Sales Commission Accruals
  • Month-end Reporting
  • Sales History Analysis
  • Margin Optimization
IT Strategic Planning:  OCG produced a system plan for a new business venture which specified full hardware, network, desktop environment and SAP implementation plan.

Time Entry:  OCG conducted the analysis, design and construction of a time entry application involving a GUI based front end, a shop floor time capture process using Intermec bar code readers, and ICR process for job sites. All of these served as multiple front-ends a payroll and job cost accounting applications.

Agresso Project Accounting Package Integration:  OCG personnel provided the technical lead for the integration of a web-based project accounting and billing package into a Fortune 100 company's intranet.

Marine Transportation & Export Documentation:  Weyerhaeuser Company is the largest volume exporter in the US. In the 1990s, OCG designed and developed Marine Transportation booking systems for the Pulp Business and Recycling Business, and fully automated the Export Documentation process – allowing Weyerhaeuser to eliminate the use of their Freight Forwarder. OCG integrated ocean carriers directly with Weyerhaeuser. This allowed the shipper to issue bills of lading directly from their sales system, receive electronic due bills and process freight payment as well as all other export documents.

Domestic Freight Payment for Truck & Rail Shipping:  This project centralized and automated the rating and payment of truck and rail carrier invoices for facilities throughout the United States and Canada. The application was tightly integrated with the global sales system. It receives electronic shipment notices from the manufacturing sites, sends electronic bills of lading to the railroad, then rates and forwards authorization for payment for the freight bill.

Other Weyerhaeuser Projects included:

  • PeopleSoft Integration for Corporate Employee Relations
  • Corporate Benefits Outsourcing
  • Executive Compensation Management
  • Just-In-Time Inventory Tracking for Vendor Replenishment
  • Bar-Coded Load Tag System for Shipping from Plant Facilities
  • Production Scheduling Integration with KIWI Product System Integration Message Framework

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