Business Intelligence

OCG has been instrumental in the analysis and design of Business Intelligence solutions where vast amounts of time-critical transaction level data is extracted, transformed and loaded daily from multiple corporate and line-of-business systems into data warehouses and data marts.

We have performed data analysis, authored functional and technical specifications, and performed data extraction, transition and loading for multi-dimensional data cubes, databases and reports.

OCG has design and developed Business Intelligence solutions for clients in healthcare, advertising, transportation and forest products. Our consultants have expertise in:
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server IS (Integration Services)
  • SQL Server AS (Analysis Services)
  • SQL Server RS (Reporting Services)
  • Other ETL (Extract, Translate, Load): Informatica Powercenter
  • Adaptive’s CWM (Common Warehouse Metamodel)
  • SAP BW & Administrator Workbench
OCG is often called upon to assess and address issues with existing data warehouses, which includes:
  • Establishing standards and documentation for data lineage, data feeds, sources and destinations
  • End-to-end data lineage auditing
  • Data mart and data warehouse field level definitions for fact tables and dimensions
  • Establishing common dimensions and definitions
  • BI Analytic Cube documentation
  • Web-based Training development for BI assets such as cubes, data marts, staging tables and common dimension repositories to educate users as a perquisite to granting access.

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