Members of Olympic Consulting Group are internationally recognized as industry leaders in the field of requirements analysis and functional specification design.

Our methods are well documented, highly adaptable, widely practiced and accepted, and dovetail effectively with industry best practices and all established notations and automated case tool support.

Our project decision-making framework helps analysts and users work together to define measurable, business-focused objectives for new software systems.

At OCG, we make it a priority to use sound industry-accepted techniques as well as teach them to our clients’ staff.

Our consultants are industry-leading experts in:

Project Inception / Planning

  • Scope Definition
  • Project Charters
  • Context Modeling

Process and Use Case Modeling

  • Use Case Modeling
  • Business Process Reengineerig
  • Event Modeling
  • Process Specification

Data Modeling

  • Class Modeling
  • Enterprise and Project Data Modeling

Prototyping / UI Design

  • User Interface Design
  • Functional Specification
We at OCG believe in employing software engineering techniques that are practical, and appropriate to the job at hand. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” methodology. All software projects are different, and the circumstances under which you operate can vary widely. We have observed that the similarities between various methodologies and notations greatly outweigh the differences.

OCG consultants are adept at adapting our client’s established methodology or providing one where needed.

OCG is a reviewer of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK).

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Practical Analysis & Design

Practical Analysis and Design for Client/Server and GUI Systems is essential reading for developers, analysts, project managers, senior IT executives, information architects and any software professional responsible for the success of a project. The techniques and core competencies presented are as relevant in today's environments as they were when it was written... ​

...a timeless classic

Practical Analysis and Design for Client/Server & GUI Systems
By: David Ruble
Foreward by: Ed Yourdon
1997 - 544 pages, now in soft cover
ISBN: 0-13-521758-X

Reader reviews: "I have read this book three times, and each I learn something new. It is nice to have a book that is independent of any development platform, and in PLAIN ENGLISH to boot. This book is more valuable than the course I had taken in college."

"It's the best book I've ever read about analysis and design techniques for building systems quickly and effectively . . . I've been studying this stuff for years, and Dave has written the clearest explanation of event modeling I've ever read."